Heets Bronze Selection


Heets Bronze Selection in Abu dhabi, UAE

Heets Bronze Selection is a unique and refined tobacco blend created for smokers who enjoy the taste of a mild yet balanced flavor. These cigarettes are made with a special blend of tobacco, giving them a unique taste that is both smooth and flavorful. Heets Bronze Selection are a great alternative for those looking for a milder taste without sacrificing any of the pleasure of a classic cigarette. Enjoy the unique blend of tobacco, combined with a smooth and rich flavor that makes these cigarettes an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a smoker looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes or an occasional smoker who wants to try something different, Heets Bronze Selection will provide you with a great smoking experience.


– Mild yet balanced flavor
– Special blend of tobacco for a unique taste
– Smooth and rich flavor
– Great for occasional smokers or those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes


Q: How many cigarettes come in a pack?
A: Heets Bronze Selection come in a pack of 20 cigarettes.