Heets Dubai Silver Selection


Heets Dubai Silver Selection in Abu dhabi, UAE

Heets Dubai Silver Selection provide a unique smoking experience that is sure to satisfy. These tobacco sticks are carefully crafted with a high-quality blend of tobaccos, providing a smooth and enjoyable flavor. An additional flavor of menthol is added to give it a refreshing aftertaste. The distinct aroma of the tobacco, combined with the coolness of the menthol, creates a unique flavor that will leave you wanting more. The sticks come in a convenient pack of 10, making it easy to take with you on the go. Enjoy the unique flavor of Heets Dubai Silver Selection and indulge yourself in a smoking experience that is truly unique.

Specification :

• 10 Sticks per pack
• High-quality blend of tobaccos
• Refreshing menthol aftertaste
• Unique flavor and aroma
• Convenient pack of 10


Q1: Is the Heets Dubai Silver Selection a premium product?

A1: Yes, the Heets Dubai Silver Selection is a premium product. It is crafted with a high-quality blend of tobaccos and an additional flavor of menthol for a unique and refreshing smoking experience.