Buy Heets Fiit in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Heets Fiit is a revolutionary smoking alternative designed to provide a satisfying and flavorful experience. It is a tobacco heating system that heats specially designed tobacco sticks, producing a rich and consistent taste.

Why You Need to Heets Fiit

If you’re looking for a smoking alternative that’s both satisfying and convenient, Heets Fiit is the perfect product for you. It offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience without the need for matches, lighters, or ashtrays. Plus, it produces less odor and smoke than traditional cigarettes, making it a more discreet option.

How to use Heets Fiit

Using Heets Fiit is easy and straightforward. Simply insert a tobacco stick into the device, press the button to start heating, and enjoy the rich and flavorful vapor. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Remove the protective cap from the tobacco stick.
  2. Insert the tobacco stick into the heating chamber of the device.
  3. Press and hold the button until the device vibrates and the LED light turns on.
  4. Wait for the device to heat up and produce vapor.
  5. Inhale the vapor and enjoy the rich and satisfying taste.

Buy Heets Fiit in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Heets Fiit is a new product from the popular IQOS brand. It is a heated tobacco stick designed to be used with IQOS devices, which heat the tobacco instead of burning it, producing a smoke-free vapor.

Yes, Heets Fiit produces less odor and smoke than traditional cigarettes, making it a more discreet option for indoor use.

Heets Fiit is designed to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, as it produces less harmful chemicals and toxins.

A tobacco stick lasts for around 6 minutes of continuous use.

Heets Fiit is unique in that it contains a flavored capsule in the filter that releases a burst of menthol or fruit flavor when it is crushed. This allows you to customize your smoking experience and enjoy different flavors with each stick.
Heets Fiit is available in three flavors: Menthol, Berry, and Tropical.
To use Heets Fiit, simply insert the stick into your IQOS device and press the button to begin heating the tobacco. When you want to release the flavor capsule, simply crush the filter to release the burst of flavor.
Like other IQOS products, Heets Fiit is designed to produce a smoke-free vapor that contains fewer harmful chemicals and tar than traditional smoking. However, it still contains tobacco and nicotine, which can be addictive and harmful to your health.
No, Heets Fiit is designed to be used specifically with IQOS devices and may not work properly with other devices.
Heets Fiit is currently available in select markets. You can check the IQOS website or your local tobacco shop to see if it is available in your area also you can buy from


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