IQOS Heets Green Zing


IQOS Heets Green Zing in Abu dhabi, UAE

IQOS Heets Green Zing is a tobacco product designed for use with the IQOS heated tobacco device. This tobacco blend is made with 100% pure premium tobacco, and has a unique, sweet taste of green tea and menthol for a refreshing flavor. The Green Zing flavor has a smooth and mild strength that won’t overwhelm your senses. With notes of green tea and menthol, this blend offers a unique, aromatic aroma. Enjoy the smooth, full-bodied taste of Green Zing with the convenience of IQOS heated tobacco technology.


• Flavor: Green Tea & Menthol
• Strength: Mild
• Made with 100% premium tobacco
• Aromatic aroma
• Compatible with IQOS heated tobacco system


Q: What is the strength of IQOS Heets Green Zing?
A: The strength of this blend is mild.