IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol


IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol in Abu dhabi, UAE

IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol are the perfect choice for those seeking a smooth and refreshing menthol flavour. These tobacco sticks are made from 100% real tobacco, making them a delicious and unique option to enjoy. The smooth flavour of menthol will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. With no smoke and no ash, IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol is a great way to enjoy a menthol experience without the worry of the smell or mess of traditional cigarettes. The stylish packaging and availability in packs of 20 sticks make them a great choice for those looking to enjoy a smooth menthol experience on the go.


• 100% Real Tobacco
• 20 Sticks per Pack
• Menthol Flavour
• No Smoke, No Ash
• Stylish Packaging


Q: What is the difference between IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol and traditional cigarettes?

A: Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, and other toxins that are inhaled and released into the air as smoke. IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol contain real tobacco, but they are designed to be heated up instead of burned, releasing the flavour as vapour instead of smoke. This eliminates the toxins associated with traditional cigarettes and reduces the risk of second-hand smoke.