IQOS Heets Satin Fuse


IQOS Heets Satin Fuse in Abu Dhabi, UAE

IQOS Heets Satin Fuse provide a smooth and subtle tobacco flavor. Crafted using the finest ingredients, these tobacco sticks provide a nuanced and balanced flavor that’s perfect for those who don’t want an overpowering smoke. The smoke has a light sweetness, balanced with woody and earthy notes. It’s a mellow experience that’s perfect as an occasional treat or an everyday indulgence. Enjoy a smooth and satisfying smoke with IQOS Heets Satin Fuse.


– Flavor – Smooth and subtle tobacco
– Tar – 0.5 mg
– Nicotine – 0.5 mg
– CO – 6 mg
– Length – 88 mm
– Diameter – 8 mm


Q: What type of tobacco is used in IQOS Heets Satin Fuse?
A: IQOS Heets Satin Fuse are crafted using the finest ingredients to provide a smooth and subtle tobacco flavor.