IQOS Heets Slate Selection


IQOS Heets Slate Selection in Abu dhabi UAE

IQOS Heets Slate Selection is the perfect choice for those who prefer a bolder, smokier tobacco taste. A delicious blend of dark, roasted notes and a hint of sweetness, each Heet in the Slate Selection delivers an intense, full-bodied flavour. Enjoy a smooth, authentic tobacco flavour with every inhale and appreciate the subtle nuances as the smokiness fades away. The perfect companion to your IQOS device, the Slate Selection Heets offer an enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience. Enjoy the unique taste and experience of the IQOS Heets Slate Selection today.


– Intense, full-bodied flavour
– Rich blend of dark, roasted notes
– Subtle hint of sweetness
– Compatible with IQOS devices
– Enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience


Q: What type of tobacco flavour is in the IQOS Heets Slate Selection?
A: The Heets in the Slate Selection have a rich, smoky tobacco flavour, with a hint of sweetness.